Home additions

Designing and building home additions is one of the specialties of Broderick Builders. Home additions can accommodate ever-changing lifestyles in a cost-effective fashion - even in these challenging economic times.

Broderick Builders is experienced in the design/build of:

  • Second-floor additions
  • Attic additions
  • Family room additions
  • Above-garage additions
  • Sunroom additions
  • Morning room additions
  • Separate living quarter additions
  • Guest houses

Home addition experience

If you are looking for a Nashville-area home addition contractor that will make the process of adding a home addition easier, more convenient, and free of worry, then Broderick Builders just might be the remodeling firm for you. The construction team professionals of Broderick Builders have the experience and skill to get any home addition job done properly.

With Broderick Builders, there is no need to conduct separate searches for architects and home addition contractors, and this helps remove the worry about whether different teams will be able to work well together, or complete the work in a timely fashion and within the planned budget.

Home addition contractors often specialize only in a narrow range of home addition design and construction. For example, some home addition firms can only help you with small home addition projects, while others will attend only to larger home addition projects. Some home addition contracting firms specialize in sunrooms, and others may focus on kitchens and baths. Broderick Builders is a remodeling and home addition contractor experienced in a wide range of projects: large and small jobs, simple or complex jobs, one-room home additions, multi-room and even multi-level home additions, as well as "pop-top" home additions. Please contact Broderick Builders, Inc. at your convenience to learn how we can help you with your home addition project.