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Storm Damage & Roofing Team

hail damage to roof shingles - Nashville roof repairIt's official... we have opened a satellite office on Metroplex Dr. to handle storm damage, hail issues, and roofing repairs for homes in Middle Tennessee.

Have you been affected by the recent hail storms? We can help you through the process of assessing the damage, giving you an accurate estimate for repair, and even dealing with your insurance company for you. Our knowledgeable, experienced crew is able to navigate the often-complicated process of filing insurance claims, scheduling the work, and other aspects of the job -- and in the process, ensuring a smooth, simple experience in the transformation of your home into something more than it was prior to any damages.

Our 34 years of construction and remodeling over 1,000 homes in the Nashville area brings peace of mind that we will treat your home with utmost care and responsibility while the job is in our hands. We understand the importance of timely responses, accurate estimates, and the quality construction that is the cornerstone of our business.

Please call us at 615.333.7111 to schedule an appointment at your home when it is most convenient for you.

We look forward to helping you "weather the storm."


Broderick Builders Storm Damage & Roofing Team
501 Metroplex Dr., Ste.# 317
Nashville, TN 37211

Phone: 615.333.7111

Hail storm in Nashville, Mar 2, 2012